Composers create stories with music. Songwriters tell stories with music. Musicians create connections with music. We have everything we need to excite our communities of creative contributors in becoming the creative music centre of the world and increasing our creative contribution to the future of our world.

I think music is the pointy edge of our ability to create connections and possibilities for our future. I think the music community could set the pace for other communities of creative contributors. I think Canada could set the pace as a country of creative cultures. I think we could demonstrate how our many cultures contribute to creating new ideas, new creative expression, and new creative contributions, – and to creating our culture as Canadians.

We have the opportunity to become known as Creative Canada. We are uniquely positioned as a country to contribute to the cultural and creative evolution of our world.

Creating connections and community with music is how we could blow the doors off our creativity and how we could contribute to creating possibilities for a new world. I am looking forward to hearing the music.

Roger Chilton
My Point of View

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